Rstudio License Agreement

3.5 Third-party materials. You recognize and accept that the software is intended to be used with open source Languages and therefore works with some open source components, including open source packages and libraries, as part of their basic functionality, and that you need to decompat the licensee`s open source languages to use the software. RStudio is not responsible for open source Languages and assumes no obligation or responsibility for the use of open source languages by your users. In addition, you can choose to use it or RStudio can provide you with certain components, plans, applications, services, data, content or resources (together all the above materials” for downloading, accessing or using third parties). RStudio can provide third-party materials via the RStudio website or provide links to third-party sites where you can buy and/or download or access third-party materials, or the software may allow you to download or access those documents to third parties. You acknowledge and accept that third-party materials may be protected by intellectual property rights held by third parties or their licensees and not by RStudio. As a result, you acknowledge and acknowledge that your use of third-party materials may be subject to separate conditions between you and the third party concerned, and you acknowledge that RStudio is not responsible for third-party materials and does not provide any guarantees or guarantees regarding those materials, all „as intended”. RStudio assumes no responsibility or other responsibility for them and will not be liable, without limitation of the above, for any losses or damage that you or your users may suffer as a result of their use or access. Third-party materials are the sole responsibility of the third party from which they come. RStudio Server Pro (Single Server): RStudio Server Pro (Single Server) is authorized by server for use on a server. It includes a single server activation and access to RStudio Professional Drivers.

RStudio Server Pro (Single Server) subscriptions can only be purchased by RStudio customers who, as of May 31, 2019, had current licenses valid for RStudio Server Pro (Single Server). The following licenses are used for R or associated software such as packages. RStudio Team Enterprise: RStudio Team Enterprise includes RStudio Server Pro Enterprise Named User (Unrestricted Servers), RStudio Connect Enterprise Named User (Unrestricted Servers) and RStudio Package Manager Enterprise (Un Serverrestricteds). These software are subject to the same licensing conditions, whether they are included in RStudio Team Enterprise or purchased separately. RStudio provides you with an unlimited license key and activation for each software product, which allows you to activate the software on as many servers, storage servers, execution servers and high-availability servers as you request during your subscription period for this software. 11.3 Termination effect. After the end of this Contract or Order Form, you and your users will immediately stop using the Software and confirm in writing to RStudio, within 30 days of the end of the agreement, that this Software and all copies of the agreement have been destroyed, the termination of this Agreement or a licence granted to that effect does not prevent any of the parties from taking appeals, including termination measures, or waiving your obligation to pay all costs incurred or due, without the right of refund.